Repair or Replacement — What Your Bumper Needs

How You Can Find Out

If your vehicle gets into an accident, there’s a good chance that the bumper may end up damaged. Although repairing a damaged bumper is ideal due to its perceived lower cost, it may be better to replace the whole bumper instead. Though it may not seem ideal, you could be saving money and making your vehicle safer. Wondering if your vehicle’s bumper needs a replacement? If so, read on as 405 Auto Craft discusses three signs that it’s time for a bumper replacement!

Significant Paint Damage

There’s no way you should replace a whole bumper for just paint damage, right? Depending on the paint damage, replacing a bumper may be a better option for your vehicle and your wallet. If the paint has sustained enough damage, your vehicle will have to go through a lengthy process in order to restore its pristine condition. Technicians will have to sand the bumper to level out any scratches and may even have to use a special compound if the scratches are deep enough. The bumper will then have to be repainted in order to match the color of your vehicle. This can be a lengthy process and you’ll find yourself spending a lot more money than you think!


Although minor cracks may be repaired using epoxy or fiberglass, that is seldom the case. For every other situation, it’s best to replace the bumper instead. If you were to repair anything other than a minor crack, you would be spending a significant amount of money and the structural safety of the bumper would be compromised.

Damaged/Broken Hooks

The hooks are responsible for keeping the bumper attached to your vehicle. If they are damaged, you may find the bumper completely detaching from your vehicle. At this stage, you must replace the bumper as technicians cannot replace or repair the hook.

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