Is Your Vehicle Qualified for Paintless Dent Repair?

What You Can Look For

Well, you just got in a minor accident. It’s not the most ideal situation, but at least there isn’t that much damage. The only thing visible is this small dent, but it shouldn’t be that big of a problem, right? Well, it may not cause any issues but it can certainly get annoying to look at. That’s where dent repair comes in. Dent repair can help remove that unsightly bump and have your vehicle looking brand new again. Some cars may even be qualified for paintless dent repair, which allows technicians to fix a dent without having to repaint. But in order for this service to happen, your vehicle must meet a few qualifications. Here are three things that’ll indicate your vehicle is qualified for paintless dent repair.

No Paint Damage

If the paint around the dent is falling apart or chipping away, then you’ll have to get it fixed and repainted (unless you want to leave it that way). There isn’t much a technician can do when the paint is falling apart, as that is the most important component needed to having paintless dent repair. Your vehicle will only be qualified if the paint is still smooth and clean around the dent.

Dent Isn’t on Plastic or Chrome

If the damage happens to be on a plastic or chrome component of your vehicle, it’s probably not qualified for paintless dent repair. These components are difficult to repair and typically require a replacement instead of a repair. Ideally, we’d like the dent to be on metal.

Dent is Easy to Reach

Easy access is crucial to providing a paintless dent repair. This ensures that our technicians won’t have to remove certain components that could damage the paint when fixing a dent. Though it can be easy to determine if the damaged area is reachable, it’s still best to ask our technicians as the tools we use may make the area unreachable.

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