Collision Repair in Los Angeles, CA

Minor & Major Bodywork--405 Auto Craft

Paintless Dent Repairs

The Los Angeles highways and roads can be dangerous if you’re not careful. Many drivers find themselves involved in a vehicular accident from no fault of their own. And now you have a new headache–how to get your vehicle back in shape. The team at 405 Auto Craft is highly qualified and experienced at performing all collision repairs. From bumper-to-bumper, we can have your vehicle back in its original condition. Get rid of those unsightly dents on your vehicle’s body. However they happened–runaway shopping cart or car door–we have the skills and the tools to fix them. Smooth out your automobile’s body without having to repaint the surface. Bring us any small or large dents we’ll make sure your vehicle keeps its original factory paint.

Vehicle bumpers are able to minimize the severity of an impact. But they can also get pretty mangled from a major collision. If you’ve been rear-ended, your bumper is probably showing the effects from it. Your car may not be immobile, but it’s no longer attractive. And for a lot of us, that’s just as bad! At 405 Auto Craft, our technicians use state-of-the-art tools and service techniques to remove any evidence an accident. We have experience working with all types of fenders and bumpers–including steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and thermoplastics. You can trust our team to thoroughly care for your damaged bumper and fenders. This includes all reshaping, fitting, curing, sanding, reconditioning, and painting that’s necessary to complete your bumper repairs.

Auto Paint Repairs–Color-Matching Technology

The highway can easily cause damage to your vehicle’s paint job. Scratches and chipping away at the paint can be caused by other rocks and pebbles kicked up from other vehicles. When road travel has compromised your vehicle’s paint job, we’re the auto body shop you need. Our auto paint repair process is clean and thorough. We get your auto paint to a smooth and spotless finish with proper sanding and prepping before painting. Our team uses advanced color-matching technologies to apply the precise factory coat. If your vehicle’s body has been damaged by inclement weather like hail storms or errant road debris, we can take care of it for you. Removing ugly scratches and restoring smooth paint jobs are 405 Auto Craft specialties.

Bring Us Your Collision Repair Needs

You can have all of your collision repair needs handled by 405 Auto Craft. Whether it’s from minor impacts like dents, dings, and scratches or major collisions, we have a team on standby just for you! Get your vehicle back to its original condition. Start right here because we’ll get you back on the road in no time. Of course, it’s not just about making your car drivable again, but it’s also about looking good while you’re doing it. Consider your vehicular accident and your collision repairs an upgrade. Make sure you have us on speed dial–310-857-9924–in case you or any of your friends and family need collision repairs. Next time you’re in the area–3031 W. 48th Street–feel free to stop by for a quick and fair estimate.