7 Reasons To Wrap Your Car Instead of Painting It

Since wrapping is one of the main services we offer to our customers, we’d like to share why so many people prefer wrapping their cars to painting them. The benefits are endless, but here’s seven to start!


Wrapping your car with a professionally installed film is generally more cost efficient than a full paint job. These films feature a life expectancy of 4-10 years, depending on the quality of the materials used, whereas paint has the potential to immediately chip off.

Resale Value

While painting your car neon orange sounds like a great idea to you, it may not be for a potential buyer when it comes time to sell it. When you wrap your car, you keep the manufacturer’s original factory color, which then keeps your resale value higher.


Sometimes you’ll have the perfect paint color in your mind, only to find out it isn’t available. This is another benefit of car wraps, as the color possibilities are endless. You’ll have the ability to stand out from the crowd and bring your own unique personality and tastes into your car. The best part is: when you get tired of the color you chose, we can easily remove it for you! This basically lets you reinvent yourself and your car whenever you choose.


If you’ve ever had your car painted, then you know you can expect to be without a vehicle for at least two weeks. This can inconvenience your spouse, your kids, and your work, to name a few things. With car wrapping, however, you can expect to be without your car for under a week. This cuts your costs and stress tremendously!


Wrapping your vehicle in vinyl is basically giving it an added layer of protection. This can protect against environment damage and excessive exposure to the sun. Think of it as your car’s armor – the perfect way to maintain its original state. No chips, abrasions, or any other natural occurrences that devalue your car.

Easy to Maintain

Are you constantly getting your car waxed to keep up its shiny, new appearance? When using a car wrap, waxes are a thing of the past! All you need to do to make your car look clean and brand new again is wash your car with soap and water. This eliminates multiple trips to the car wash, in addition to the money you spend on your own wax if you choose to do it yourself. Remember, soap and water is all you need!

Safe Removal

One of the great things about car wraps is that they can be safely removed, so you don’t have to worry about any kinds of hazards or other factors that may adversely affect your health. Also, wraps last a long time (4-10 years); however, the longer you keep it in the sun, the more its life span decreases. The best thing to do is keep your car in the shade or garage, as much as you can.

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